Through his epicurean escapades - throughout Scandinavia, the Americas, Central and Southeast Asia and the Far East - Jonty has learned how to create elegant dishes that reveal new flavours with every mouthful.

Whilst his distant travels provide him with fresh ideas, they all exist within the context of his upbringing in Surrey and his longstanding affinities for familiar nearby favourites - Scottish seafood, French produce and Italian herbs. He also finds inspiration from the palates of his clients and eagerly composes menus based on their preferences.

Always mindful of sustainability, Jonty endeavours to use locally sourced and seasonal produce whenever possible and over the years has built strong relationships with trusted suppliers, thus ensuring the quality and provenance of his food.

Jonty’s pleasure and passion relies upon sharing what he has learned with others and he relishes every opportunity to do so, whatever the occasion or event. 

Accompanied by his team of passionate, highly trained Chefs and waiting staff, Jonty always delivers exceptional service and an unforgettable catering experience.