Magpie - each dish a treasure


Rating and review

  • Atmosphere 5* 
  • Service 4*
  • Food 5*
  • Value for money 5* 


The complexity and craftsmanship behind each dish created by Chef Adolfo de Cecco is brilliant. Fermentation, dehydration, Espuma; the list goes on. The menu is carefully curated to create a symphony of sensory flavours which balance perfectly.  The favourite dish has to be the simplest visually but the most complex to design - fermented pear, radish, juniper and walnut. Four types of rainbow coloured radish, each prepared individually, a fermented pear with an effervescent tingle, aromatic juniper and a crunch from the caramelised walnut. The food was faultless and the service good yet a little clunky and seemingly too many front of house staff. The ambience is buzzy and cosy as there are many people trying to get a table at Magpie, I would highly recommend a visit. 

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